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Ateres Yaakov is a major provider of services to the surrounding community and we need the community’s support to make it possible.  Not a yeshiva parent?  Ateres Yaakov provides all sorts of community-focused services:

Tuition assistance for so many of our 200 Mesivta talmidim.  

Maintaining learning and davening facilities, used day and night by the community.

Community shiurim and exciting guest speakers.

It all has a cost... Sefarim need to be purchased… Facilities must be heated, cooled, cleaned, and maintained…  Furnishings wear out and need to be replaced… 


How can you help? 

There are many ways to partner with Ateres Yaakov to ensure that these services can continue to be offered.  We encourage everyone to help in one of the many wonderful ways that are available.

  • Share in the writing our first Torah 
  • Sponsor a day or week of high-caliber Torah Learning
  • Dedicate a part of our campus in memory of in honor of a loved-one
  • Sponsor a Kiddush
  • Donate to our sefarim fund
  • And so much more…

We’re here for you – please help support our many programs!