FM Home Loans MAY 5K is a huge success!

Student involvement in the activities at Mesivta Ateres Yaakov is always strongly encouraged. The Yeshiva feels that developing areas of responsibility and outreach are part and parcel of building well-rounded B’nei Torah. To this end, the Yeshiva boasts an active Student Government elected by their peers whose officers have rigorous job duties.

Every year the G.O. runs a variety of competitions, tournaments and activities which enhance the day-to-day experience of the talmidim at the Mesivta. This year, under the direction of the Yeshiva’s Director of Development, Rabbi Josh Zern, the Student Government organized our 2nd Annual FM HOME LOANS 5K run on the Far Rockaway Boardwalk, which took place on November 10th 2019. Runners included students, parents, friends and Rabbeim, who participated to raise funds for tuition scholarships and student activities.

“This is a perfect example of healthy, kosher outlets that our Yeshiva prides itself in providing,” commented Rabbi Yossi Bennett, Assistant Menahel, “Shimshon Brecher, and the rest of the G.O. did an incredible job in organizing this event. A big yasher koach!”

Each runner received a swag bag containing numerous items such as a Dry-Fit T-Shirt, sports bottle, power bank, and more. At the race starting line, over 100 runners began their 5 kilometer fundraising journey. Also noteworthy were the Rabbeim that participated, including the Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe, and General Studies Principal, Rabbi Sam Rudansky.

The run was a tremendous success, bringing in much-needed funding for the yeshiva scholarship and student activities funds, while providing the participants the opportunity to enjoy the scenic 3 mile course.

 Rabbi Josh Zern, MAY's Director of Development, noted, "It's amazing to see our students work so hard to help the Yeshiva provide scholarships for their peers. I think it really reflects the middos the Yeshiva works to inculcate in the student body."

Shimshon Brecher, G.O. President 2019-2020, commented, “It was an honor to keep up the tradition that was started by the previous G.O. Raising money for the scholarships while enhancing the experience for our peers is a recipe for a great event!”