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Membership & Seats

PLEASE NOTE: We are suspending youth group fees and kiddush sponsorships until after the Yom Tovim.


We encourage our mispalilim to join our Kehilla as official members.  Some of the many benefits of becoming a member include:

  • Help defray the Kehilla’s many expenses
  • Receive priority for Yomim Noraim seats and additional seats at reduced rates
  • Receive discounts on hall rentals and event fees
  • Your ritual needs (aliyos, simchas, etc..) are a priority

It’s not only the right thing to do, but also a great deal.  Join today!

Two types of memberships are available:

  • Full membership dues are $700 per year and includes 3 seats for the Yomim Noraim
  • Associate membership dues are $450 per year and includes 2 seats for the Yomim Noraim
  • Youth program dues are $150 per family whose children will be attending youth groups



Kehillah Ateres Yaakov prides itself on being a no-talking shul, so as a way for our members, guests and newcomers to socialize and get to know each other better, the Kehillah provides a weekly full kiddush with hot chulent, cookies, cake, drinks, herring including a children's table with special snacks. The Kehillah provides the kiddush whether there are sponsors or not.

There are several volunteers who work hard to assure that the kiddush takes place weekly. For a while now, the Kehillah has been subsidizing the kiddush, operating at a large deficit. As such, we are appealing to each of our members to sponsor a kiddush in the coming months. Partial sponsorships, shared sponsorships or a general donation to the kiddush fund is appropriate and appreciated. 

  • Cost of regular kiddush is $350.
  • To add hot kugel, gefilte fish or egg salad and fruit or crudité platters, add $150 (total of $500).
  • To add all  of the above, plus meatballs or mini-stuffed cabbage, balsamic chicken or chicken nuggets, additional cookies & rugelach, 
  • Waiter to set up and clean up add $850 (total of $1100).


Please Note: these kiddush plans are served buffet style, additional seating requirements can only be accommodated with a hall rental.

To sponsor a kiddush or to inquire about our hall rentals, please contact Mrs. Andrea Ostroff at the MAY office: 516-374-6465 x4005 or email  [email protected] .

To contribute to the kiddush fund, or pay for a kiddush, click HERE.


Selichos, Rosh Hashana, and Yom Kippur are serious times that deserve a serious davening and focused atmosphere.  Last year, over 400 people joined our Yomim Noraim services and benefited from the quiet, comfortable, davening and inspiring Baalei Tefila. 

Yomim Noraim seat fees for Fall 2021 are as follows:

Free with membership Adult Seat Child and
Student* Seat

Full Member




Associate member








*College Age & Younger


To reserve seats online: 

To print the form for seat requests:

For special seating requests or other needs, please contact the yeshiva office at 516-374-6465 or email us at  [email protected]. Specific financial needs are taken into consideration and can be discussed with Rabbi Lasker.




Last Updated on September 2020