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“V’ha’arev Nah” Continues at MAY

A number of years ago, Rabbi Yehuda Orlansky, 12th grade rebbe at Mesivta Ateres Yaakov, introduced the “V’ha’arev Nah” program to his talmidim. The program, which was highlighted in Mishpacha Magazine, encourages talmidim through a variety of methods to engage in a tremendous amount of chazarah until they truly “own” a masechta.
4th Annual FM Home Loans MAY 5K Featured Photo

4th Annual FM Home Loans MAY 5K

The countdown began at 1:00 this past Sunday afternoon with more than 175 runners waiting at the starting line of the 4th Annual FM Home Loans MAY 5K.

MAY Open House 2021

It was standing room only at the Mesivta Ateres Yaakov Open House this past Sunday, as the Yeshiva hosted close to 150 prospective students, along with their parents, all eager to learn about what Ateres Yaakov has to offer.
MAY Annual Grand Siyum Featured Photo

MAY Annual Grand Siyum

Mesivta Ateres Yaakov celebrated its annual Grand Siyum, recognizing 95 talmidim who completed an unprecedented 125 Masechtos of Shas, or Sedarim of Mishnayos, over the course of the past two years.