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Dear Parents,
This year is unique, to say the least... As your MAY Women's League, and as mothers, we saw our boys have a successful start to the school year. Though while they began with joyful reunions, summer recaps, and a feeling of home as they came back to MAY, they - along with all of Klal Yisroel - received a real-world jolt as our yomim tovim came to an end. And while The MAY Women's League had prepared an upbeat welcome letter to send out to the parents after Simchas Torah, we pulled the email, and we held off...  
We are, however, still there for our boys, maybe now more than ever! We gave them something extra special this past Rosh Chodesh, to give them an added boost to let them know that throughout the year, the Women's League is there to make things a little easier for them when we can... 
The more parent involvement we have in our Women's League, the more we can do for our fantastic talmidim!  Women’s League dues are $36, and can be paid with a credit card through the website (ateresyaakov.com), or funds can be sent via Zelle to [email protected]. This coming Sunday is an incredible event the boys love - a real feel-good, FUN event - The MAY5K! Keep an eye out for the incredible swag the runners receive, taking special notice of the beanies (a favorite among the boys) sponsored by the MAY Women's League.
As our boys continue the school year through bechinas and late nights, we daven that HaKadosh Baruch Hu keep everyone safe, as our tefilos are geared - as always - to those who need them most. 
Wishing everyone a safe, productive year, and looking forward to a year of nachas from all of our boys!
Allison Silver and Tova Zern
MAY Women’s League Presidents
Nina Meyer and Yonina Wind
MAY Women’s League Board
Allison Silver 917 386-4279
Tova Zern 914-420-7122
Nina Meyer 917-579-7879
Yonina Wind 516-697-6126