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Tuition Fees & Scholarships

2024 - 2025 Tuition and fees

Registration $1,000

Tuition $19.500

Dinner $600

Raffle $180

Capital fund per family $2,500

Security Fee $200


Tuition Assistance:

Ateres Yaakov recognizes that yeshiva tuition can be a significant burden on parents, and goes to great lengths to minimize the expenses of operating the yeshiva, and tries to be very conservative when establishing its annual schedule of tuition and fees. The yeshiva works very hard to raise funds to supplement the tuition income and to facilitate subsidizing the tuition burden for those families who have demonstrable financial need.

The yeshiva provided a limited amount of financial assistance to families with challenging financial situations.  It is allocated based on a confidential analysis of an applicant's finances produced from the family's scholarship application, and reviewed by the Tuition Review Committee, which bases its decisions on objective analysis of the applicants' financial resources.  A new AY Tuition Assistance Application form must be completed for each year in which an applicant is seeking tuition assistance.  Of course, the yeshiva cannot provide assistance to all applicants, nor supply all of the assistance that applicants seek but the committee does it's best to accommodate as much as possible. 

Please note that tuition assistance is not a grant.  It is an accommodation to those in need, which the recipient must make best efforts to repay over time, as per the tuition contract.

No family relishes being in a situation where they cannot afford to pay their child's tuition and fees, and there are many ways that a family on tuition assistance can assist the yeshiva and help it reduce its costs to justify tuition assistance.  The Yeshiva has regular need for all sorts of skilled work, including: construction, clerical, writing/editing, photography, tutoring, graphical arts, event management and more.  If you feel you have the time and the skills to help the yeshiva, please let us know your area of expertise.