MAY Alumni Yarchei Kallah 2022 – A Huge Success!

Although primarily geared for alumni returning from Eretz Yisrael for bein haz’manim, the Yarchei Kallah also attracted alumni from the greater community. This year’s program drew dozens of graduated talmidim for shiurim, learning, schmoozing and “catching up.”

Each morning following shacharis, alumni were treated to a lavish breakfast during which they caught up with friends, current talmidim and Rabbeim. Seder began with shiurim on the Haggadah delivered by Mesivta Rabbeim, providing insightful divrei Torah for talmidim to share at their own sedarim.  Following the Haggadah shiurim, talmidim, together with the 12th grade, were provided ma’arei mekomos with which to prepare for the day’s iyun shiur on different Pesach-related topics.

Rabbi Yossi Bennett, S’gan Menahel, who organized the event, commented, “This event is one of our most highly anticipated events and a highlight of our year.  It’s so gratifying to see our talmidim return from Eretz Yisroel or yeshivos or colleges in America. The enormous response from our talmidim returning to learn with their MAY Rabbeim is a huge chizuk, both for Rabbeim and current talmidim. It bears testimony to the strong connections and relationships that were forged while they were here at the Mesivta, and shows that those relationships remain intact.”

Recordings and source material for the various shiurim are available on the Yeshiva’s web site at