MAY Open House 2022

The day's program was an opportunity to educate parents and students about the Yeshiva's unique mission, objectives, and resources.


It was an exciting and educational experience that included an elaborate Student Fair, informative panels, video presentations, engaging dialogue, shiurim from Rabbeim, sports challenges, raffles, a catered lunch, prizes, competitions and more.


Upon arrival, attendees were warmly greeted by the MAY Hanhalah, its talented and dedicated faculty and scores of student and parent volunteers. Guests were ushered into the Student Fair, held in the Yeshiva’s expansive gymnasium where a multitude of booths, manned by current Ateres Yaakov talmidim, described the school’s myriad extracurricular programs and activities.  


Following the Student Fair, the Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe, addressed the enormous crowd in the Mesivta’s Bais Medrash. He explained that “the goal in our Mesivta extends far beyond the high school years” and that “the ultimate purpose is to build better husbands, fathers and ovdei Hashem. Therefore, literally everything that occurs within the yeshiva is aimed at facilitating that goal.”  Rabbi Yaffe concluded his remarks by clearly explaining each phrase of the Mesivta’s slogan “Rabbeim for Life. Education for Life.  Torah for Life.”  Rabbi Yaffe’s address was followed by an emotionally charged, informative video presentation that immersed the guests virtually into the Mesivta experience.


Following the video presentation, the students then enjoyed a science presentation with 9th grade science teacher, Mr. Pinchas Fiber, a stimulating shiur delivered by 9th grade Rebbe, Rabbi Tsvi Greenfield and a Q & A About MAY moderated by the Menahel, Rabbi Yossi Bennett. The afternoon concluded with a delicious Chinese buffet and a grand raffle!


Parents attended panel discussions focusing on Limudei Kodesh, General Studies, MAY Parents, and MAY Alumni. Prospective parents asked current parents and panelists a variety of questions and received enthusiastic responses.


Alumni Panel: Alumni related their many experiences while in the Mesivta, including receiving weekly calls in Israel from multiple members of the faculty, about daily conversations and weekly chaburos or Shabbos meals with Rabbeim, about Rabbeim helping them with challenges after marriage, about Rabbeim making their shidduchim, and more. 


General Studies Panel: Rabbi Sam Rudansky, General Studies Principal, who moderated the General Studies Panel noted that "MAY has adapted its curricula to challenge our students. In ELA, for example, we assign frequent essays and other writing assignments to build advanced writing and communication skills and to provide constructive criticism to facilitate revision.”