Mesivta Ateres Yaakov’s Annual Dor L’Dor Breakfast

The morning began with a warm, leibidik Rosh Chodesh shacharis followed by a lavish, catered breakfast in the Mesivta’s expansive Gymnasium. To begin the program, the Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe, addressed the 400+ fathers and sons in attendance welcoming them and expressing his own personal feelings of hakoras hatov. Senior Eliezer Aziz, representing the Mesivta student body, followed and delivered a heartfelt message about his and his classmates’ growth in learning and the strong connection he and his peers have with their Rabbeim. He concluded by thanking his Rabbeim for their warmth, care and guidance throughout his years at the Mesivta.

The event also featured the Mesivta’s annual Fall Essay Contest, with excerpts being read from the four first place essays. Awards and prize money were distributed by Rabbi Sam Rudansky, General Studies Principal and Rabbi Yossi Bennett, Menahel.

The highlight of the breakfast was a visit from Rabbi Moshe Plutchok, Rav of Kehillas Ahavas Yisroel, who shared amazing stories and insights on the sugya of Hakaras HaTov. The program concluded with a raffle organized by the Student Government including a gaming system, a restaurant package, MAY merch and some very happy winners.

Congratulations to our Essay Contest Winners:

9th grade 

Honorable mention - Nesanel Friederwitzer 

Third place - Avrum Pultman 

Second place - Moshe Feldman

First Place - Natan Diamond 


10th grade 

Third place -Yoni Rosenfeld-

Second place -Shua Weinberger 

First place Eli Zern 


11th grade 

Honorable mention - Daniel Sigelman 

Third place - Noach Leib Moskowitz 

Second place - Dani Klein 

First place - Chezkie Silverstein 


12th grade 

Third Avrumie Spira -

Second Yitzi Shpelfogel 

First Kovi Schuster


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