MAY’s Annual Immanuel Warshawsky, A”H, Spring Shabbaton

The Mesivta held its annual Spring Shabbaton at the beautiful campus of Camp Romimu in Monticello, NY. The Shabbaton was a resounding success, full of tremendous growth in Ruchniyus, Achdus, Ahavas Hashem and Ahavas HaTorah.


From start to finish, the Shabbaton was an inspiring and exciting weekend. Following Shachris on Friday morning it was off to the buses for a fun-filled, inspirational, action-packed Shabbos!


Before Kabbolas Shabbos, the Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe, set the tone for Shabbos, illustrating the ko’ach of Shabbos and imploring talmidim to open their minds and their hearts to what this special Shabbos had to offer. The lively Kabbalas Shabbos, with enthusiastic singing and dancing, was a fitting hakdamah to what would end up being an incredible Shabbaton.


The Mesivta invited Rabbi Yisroel Shteinwurtzel, RA”M at Yeshivas Sh’or Yoshuv. Rabbi Shteinwurtzel, who addressed the talmidim multiple times throughout the Shabbos, captivated them with his signature style, spreading warmth, positivity and ideas for growth and development, into his drashos.


As per MAY tradition, Shabbos kibbudim were auctioned off for hours of voluntary learning over the course of the long weekend. This learning program is dedicated l’ilui nishmas Immanuel Warshawsky, A”H, an alumnus of the Yeshiva. All-in-all, students committed to over 250 hours of independent learning, and honored their Rabbeim with the kibbudim. The sheer amount learning throughout the Shabbos, both formally and informally, was a testament to the talmidim’s growh this z’man.


Motzei Shabbos included the annual varsity vs. junior varsity softball game and a beautiful Melava Malka BBQ. The achdus and comradery among the talmidim and their Rabbeim was incredible!


The Mesivta thanks Rabbi Shlomo Drebin for organizing the Shabbaton and Rabbi Shlomo Pfeiffer and Camp Romimu for hosting once again.