MAY Rabbeim Visit Talmidim in Eretz Yisroel

12th Grade Rabbeim and Eretz Yisroel Advisors, Rabbi Yonason Sprung and Rabbi Tsvi Greenfield, embarked on a whirlwind, jam-packed trip checking in with and giving chizuk to MAY alumni.

The week-long journey was a non-stop excursion from yeshiva to yeshiva; over 20 different yeshivos, over 100 talmidim, from the early hours of the morning - davening shacharis together with various yeshivos - until way past midnight. The MAY Rabbeim met privately with each talmid, their roshei yeshiva, mashgichim and current rabbeim, to ensure that each talmid’s needs were being met and that their particular kochos were being properly cultivated. The trip also gave the Rabbeim an opportunity to “scout” each institution for MAY’s current and future talmidim.  This is necessary since new yeshivos continue to emerge annually and even established yeshivos revamp their programs.

The culmination of the trip was the Shabbos spent together with close to 100 talmidim at Yeshivas Aderes HaTorah, Rabbi Senter’s Yeshiva. Mesivta Ateres Yaakov alumni gathered for a Shabbos of chizuk and spent, what many talmidim referred to as, “the best Shabbos they’ve ever had” together with their Rabbeim. The entire weekend was saturated with inspiration. The enthusiastic tefilos, the leibadik meals, the heartwarming divrei Torah and intense learning was the perfect mix of ruchniyus and gashmiyus.

Reflecting on the Shabbos, Rabbi Greenfield commented, “We were really inspired that the deep-rooted camaraderie that the bochurim had while in the Mesivta has not waned. Not only did each of them respectfully listen to their fellow talmid’s words of chizuk and divrei Torah, they often made reference to each other’s remarks and made a point of both raising and praising each other when they could. Rabbi Sprung and I are so proud of their continued growth.” 

The Shabbos left all in a reflective state of mind, more focused on their goals and confident of their ability to overcome all forms of adversity. It reminded them of the solid foundation that unites them, and which prepared them for who they are now - the formative years of nurturing and growth at Mesivta Ateres Yaakov.