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Rabbi Yossi Bennett, M.S.

Rabbi Yossi Bennett received his s'micha from HaRav Eliyahu Schneider, shlit"a, and HaRav Naftali Jaegar, shlit"a, of Yeshiva Sh’or Yoshuv, after years learning in Yeshivos Ner Yaakov, Toras Moshe, and Mir. He founded and directed the Queens Ner Yair Learning Program for post high school and college students, and participated in the DRS and HAFTR chaburah programs. He as well, served as a mentor in the Moodus Summer Kiruv Program and now serves as Director of Camp Areivim. Rabbi Bennett was the Executive Director of the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists for ten years and is the co-author of the popular “The Kosher  Kitchen Handbook.” He has NYS Teacher Certification, a Masters in Talmidic Law and earned his M.S. in Jewish Education from The Azrieli School of Jewish Education and Administration.