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Kehilla Ateres Yaakov is known for its warmth and welcoming atmosphere. The davening is very quiet and inviting. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds and age groups - including singles, single parents, and young & old marrieds - all of whom come together for the common goal of experiencing a meaningful davening and enjoyable communal interaction. The minyan enjoys a hot Kiddush every Shabbos.

The Kehilla participates in many wonderful events throughout the year, including a Shabbos Chanukah Family meal, a Kehilla Simchas Torah Luncheon, and Shabbos Hagadol Family Meals.

The Kehilla has Shabbos Youth Groups for nursery & kindergarten (thru age 6) and for boys, age 7 thru 10, davening, followed by activities. Our youth department also runs weekday events, such as the recent Father-Son baseball trip to the Brooklyn Cyclones at Coney Island and an upcoming Mother-Daughter cake decorating demonstration, as well as Chol Hamoed events and other activities. For more information on the youth department, contact [email protected].



Last Updated on September 2020